Oklahoma vs Kansas | A Look At The Quarterbacks

After scoring more than 50 points for two weeks in a row I think it’s safe to say that the quarterback situation in Norman has worked itself out. Better late than never, the Sooners offense is finally rolling.

Caleb Williams is the obvious choice for QB1 at the moment, but with Kansas being on the schedule this week we could possibly see some more of Spencer Rattler. This should be a pretty easy week for Oklahoma in the quarterback matchup, so let’s jump right into it.

Caleb Williams

Caleb Williams had his first career start in a Sooners uniform this week and he certainly lived up to the hype. There’s just a different presence when he is on the field. The way he carries himself is unheard of for a true freshman. I’m not saying that we’ve seen enough film to dub him “the next great quarterback at Oklahoma”, but the future definitely looks bright for Williams.

Williams completed 18 out of 23 passes on the day for 295 yards and 4 touchdowns. He also added 66 yards on the ground and a rushing touchdown to give him a total of 5 TD’s. Adding a comfortable victory to these stats is enough to give him the win on the day if you ask me. This makes Caleb 1-0 on the season.

The thing I’ve liked the most about Caleb Williams from what we’ve seen so far is his big play capabilities. He isn’t afraid to air it out deep or make a move with his feet to get up field. In the seven quarters of football he has played, the offense has produced seven 35+ yard plays, and four 47+ yard plays.

We certainly don’t want to overreact to a couple of good games from the true freshman, but it’s okay for Sooners fans to be excited about this kid. Williams is a natural born leader, he doesn’t have to put in any extra effort to lead this team. This allows him to go out and play ball without worrying about the little things. The best way to describe it is that he has the “It factor” that the likes of Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray had.

Jason Bean

Jason Bean is a redshirt junior who transferred to Kansas during the summer from North Texas. He started last season for the Mean Green throwing for over 1,000 yards and 14 touchdowns on the season.

He played well enough to get the opportunity for the Jayhawks in 2021, but it’s been a rough start for Bean. He’s had some solid moments, but overall the Kansas offense is too big of a mess for him to really make an impact. This season for Kansas he has completed only 55% of his passes for 932 yards, 5 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions.

He may not scare you with his arm, but Bean is athletic enough to cause some problems with his feet. He is actually only 13 yards shy of being the leading rusher for the Jayhawks. He has rushed for over 300 yards and has found the end zone with his feet on two occasions.

Can “Superman” Remain Invincible?

There’s no doubt that Caleb Williams will win the quarterback matchup on Saturday. The question is whether or not he can continue to be perfect on the season. We haven’t seen him make a mistake yet such as a turnover or a bad read. I’m interested to see if he can continue the level of ball security that we have seen. And if not, what happens when he makes a mistake? Will he be able to bounce back and get into the swing of things again? Williams looks the part of QB1 for Oklahoma, but we still have a lot of unanswered questions.

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