Lincoln Riley Puts LSU Rumors To Bed

Despite Saturday night’s Bedlam loss, Lincoln Riley has a good thing going at the University of Oklahoma. Also, OU has a good thing going with Lincoln Riley as well. On Saturday night Riley finally put to be the rumors that he would be leaving Norman for Baton Rouge to become the next head coach for the LSU Tigers.

“I’m not going to be the next head coach at LSU,” Riley said bluntly when asked about the rumors by Carey Murcock from Rivals. Of course we had addressed that recently on our podcast as well and despite nothing more than unsubstantiated rumors swirling there was a portion of the fanbase that remained uneasy without a full denial. Now that have that to rest on.

Of course following Saturday’s loss, and Oklahoma’s disqualification from reaching the Big 12 title game, there’s a small portion of the fanbase that’s a bit disappointed that Riley is staying at Oklahoma. Not many…but some.

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