Was Spencer Rattler Right About Oklahoma?

With over 75,000 fans in attendance for Oklahoma’s spring game last Saturday it would had to put a “toxic” label on the football program right now. Perhaps that wasn’t the case in 2021 last season where a mass exodus of players occurred following Lincoln Riley’s departure to USC. Spencer Rattler was one of the more prominent athletes to transfer out and in an interview with ESPN last week he described his situation as toxic. The question is, as an OU fan, do you agree or disagree with him? I spent a segment on last week’s podcast discussing this very topic.

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2 Replies to “Was Spencer Rattler Right About Oklahoma?”

  1. It was Toxic with him being our QB, it got better when he was benched. He was playing for an NFL career, not a team player

  2. Rattler had the right to look out for his own future. The toxicity in the program came from Riley mentally leaving the program long before he physically left. He was wrong to do it the way he did. Coaches change jobs for any number of reasons. Honesty is what they are doing is the thing to do. Riley didn’t do this and his name will always leave a bad taste in my mouth. As for Williams. He was good but then so was Rattler when he came on the scene. Hope USC gives him what he is seeking. I won’t be in his corner cheering him on.

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