Watch: Texas A&M Pitcher Walks Off Field After Getting Blasted By Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s own pitching staff has talked multiple times about how difficult it is to face the Sooner lineup in practices. If they feel that way about practice then just imagine how frustrating it can be for opposing pitchers. We perhaps caught a glimpse of that in Sunday’s Norman Regional championship game when Makinzy Herzog decided she had seen enough before the first inning was even over.

Herzog surrendered five runs on two hits and recorded only one out before she decided that it wasn’t going to be her day. Oklahoma was six batters into the order when Herzog went to the dugout. The Sooners ended up sending a total of 14 batters to the plate, scoring 9 runs, in the opening frame. OU would end up setting an NCAA Tournament record by winning 20-0 in five innings.

Oklahoma will face Central Florida in next weekend’s Super Regionals.

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12 Replies to “Watch: Texas A&M Pitcher Walks Off Field After Getting Blasted By Oklahoma”

  1. Makinzy is an excellent pitcher & hitter. But she let her emotions get in way of the team today. Pretty normal for todays athletes that they are more important than the team.

  2. I’d rather a young athlete do this than break down on the field. My guess is her pitching coaches feel the same. Maybe they even told their pitchers to do just that if they ever got to a point of feeling that way—I’m willing to give her the benefit of that thought rather than judgement. These are all excellent athletes or they wouldn’t be at regionals.

    1. So you’re going with a different thought, and a different judgment. Which is still a thought and judgment you proclaim to denounce! SMH!

  3. I never believe in acting this way but I also never believe in running up a score like this against teams.

    1. It was the first inning. How were they running up the score. Get someone out and this doesn’t happen. You want them to get a participation trophy too?

    2. Running up the score?!? In the FIRST INNING?!? In REGIONALS?!? If Coach Gasso had not been empathetic, the score would’ve been 30-0. 😂

    3. You keep your foot to their throat. You score and keep scoring. I never would want a team of mine to keep trying.

  4. Running up the score?? It was the first inning! She couldn’t take the heat so she got out of the game! COMPETE YOUNG LADY!

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