Purple Pummeling | Some Quick Thoughts On Oklahoma’s 55-24 Loss To TCU

This one was tough! Oklahoma falls to 3-2 on the season and 0-2 in Big 12 play after getting completely embarrassed in Ft. Worth on Saturday. It was one of those games where nothing was salvageable and everything was bad. To be honest, everything is going to be difficult moving forward from here. The injury list was long, the list of things to improve on defense is long, and the list of concerns for the offense is even longer.

It Was Bad From The Start

In last week’s loss to Kansas State you could breakdown a play here or there and come up with a conclusion as to how the Sooners dropped that game. That’s not the situation this week. You could say what if about Marvin Mims fumbling and Jayden Gibson dropping a dart on Oklahoma’s first two possessions. That said, the Sooners were beat in this game from the start.

For the second week in a row Oklahoma was the less physical of the two teams on the field except for this go around the Sooners showed very little, if any, fight. TCU just kept punching and punching and not only did the Sooners take blow after blow, they never really punched back.

The Lack Of Fight Is What Concerns Me The Most

Dillon Gabriel was taken out on an unquestionable cheap shot and not a single offensive lineman, or skill player, came to his defense. They stood and watched when words should have been said and shoves should have been issued. We head all summer about how this team was getting stronger and growing closer together as a brotherhood. There was no display of strength nor was there any fight to defend the brotherhood. That really concerns me.

How Do The Sooners Move Forward As A One-Dimensional Offense If Gabriel Is Out For A While?

There was a portion of the fanbase scream, “there’s no defense for playing Gabriel through his struggles”. Davis Beville provided that defense. Be it lack of understanding with the offense, lack of confidence, or lack of ability, Oklahoma is absolutely a one-dimensional offense without Dillon Gabriel. Fans who though they were seeing bad quarterback play with Gabriel were actually exposed to what it really looks like with Beville in charge. I was legitimately bad enough to where it would have justified getting pulled but there appears to not be a better option.

There are times where a coach “earns his pay” and this week is going to be one of those times. In the moment, I can’t imagine a scenario in which Dillon Gabriel plays next week which means Jeff Lebby has to figure out a game plan against Texas with a one-dimensional offense. Oh yeah, Eric Gray and Marcus Major are banged up as well.

This Could Be The Worst Defense We’ve Seen Since The 90’s

TCU scored 55 points, racked up 668 total yards of offense and averaged 8.9 yards per play. In the last two weeks the Sooners have given up 1,177 yards and 96 points. That’s bad…that’s really bad.

It Could Get Worse Before It Gets Better

I said this after the K-State and nothing has changed. It’s year one of the Brent Venables era. It’s a rebuild. It’s going to take time. You can’t watch this team play and not think there aren’t more losses coming. We’re to a point where we need to just look for areas of improvement from week to week. Buckle up, there are at least eight games left in the season!

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  1. I still know BV will get the job done, but I never dreamed that striping it down to the studs and rebuilding it was going to be a multi year job.
    I watched the Clemson / NC State game tonight and the way that Clemson D played was a thing of beauty. Extremely aggressive beauty.
    It will be our calling card. And I wish it would hurry the hell up.

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