2022 Big 12 Football Power Rankings | Week 7

After six weeks of football here’s what we’re looking at. The Big 12 has three legitimate contenders for the conference championship, four programs that could mess things up and enter the race at any moment, and then three programs that are going to be playing for pride, and bowl eligibility, from here on out.

Nothing changed with Oklahoma State and TCU from last week to this week. Kansas State is new at the No. 3 spot and then there’s a giant log jam. We have differing opinions on the top two spots but we agreed across the board that Kansas State is now in the mix at No. 3. The only other program that we were unanimous on was Texas Tech. We all had the Red Raiders in the No. 7 spot, just on the outside of the log jam and looking in.

2022 Heartland Sports Big 12 Power Rankings

1. Oklahoma State29
2. TCU28
3. Kansas State24
4. Baylor18
4. Kansas18
4. Texas18
4. Texas Tech18
7. Iowa State7
9. Oklahoma 6
10. West Virginia4

Individual Thoughts


1. Oklahoma State | Oklahoma State without a doubt looks like the best team in the Big 12. There’s some concern in the secondary on defense, but if they keep averaging over 46 points per game on offense it won’t matter. 

2. TCU | The Horned Frogs gutted out a close win on the road over Kansas. Max Duggan continues to impress as QB1 and TCU still looks like a contender for the conference championship. 

3. Kansas State | Sometimes a win is a win. That’s very much so the case for the Wildcats 10-9 victory on the road against Iowa State. It wasn’t pretty, but they maintain a perfect record in conference play. 

4. Kansas 

5. Texas 

6. Baylor 

7. Texas Tech 

8. Iowa State 

9. West Virginia | Last week I said it was a toss up between West Virginia and Oklahoma for last place. The Mountaineers get to move up to 9th in my rankings despite the bye week. Simply because being on a bye week is much better than what Oklahoma did last weekend. 

10. Oklahoma | There isn’t much to say is there? The Sooners put forth an embarrassing performance against Texas. It’s hard to see things improving anytime soon for Oklahoma. 


1. TCU | Contrary to years past, going to Lawrence and pulling out a win isn’t an easy task. Let’s give the Frogs some credit for that and realize that they are absolutely legitimate contenders for the conference crown.

2. Oklahoma State | The Pokes were in a dogfight for about a half. OSU absolutely has the most talented offense in the Big 12 and I was flat wrong in my preseason assessment of them.

3. Kansas State | The Jayhawks’ loss was the Wildcats’ gain. I’m not sure that Kansas is finished making noise just yet in the conference (look out Oklahoma!) but Kansas State has elevated to the top spot in the Sun Flower State as of now.

4. Texas

5. Baylor

6. Kansas

7. Texas Tech

8. Oklahoma

9. Iowa State | Man, the Cyclones had their shot on Saturday. I don’t doubt that Matt Campbell will get things rolling once again in Ames. It just might take a minute.

10. West Virginia | By rule, I typically don’t punish or reward teams for having a bye week. The Mountaineers will have to wait one more week to try and climb out of the basement.


1. Oklahoma State | The Cowboys trailed for a chunk of the game against Texas Tech, but in the end, both the defense and the offense were able to make plays to come away with a win. Oklahoma State is the most balanced team in the conference right now, especially when you consider how great their special teams have been.

2. TCU | The Horned Frogs stayed undefeated after a trip to Lawrence, but Kansas was able to score on them, even without their starting QB for a lot of the game. Oklahoma State in Ft. Worth will be quite the show this weekend.

3. Kansas State | The Wildcats get the edge over Kansas and Baylor because they have the most recent win. It was quite a snooze fest in Ames, though.

4. Baylor

5. Kansas

6. Texas

7. Texas Tech

8. Iowa State

9. Oklahoma | I never thought the Sooners would be down here, but they don’t seem to be improving on the defensive side of the ball, and without Dillon Gabriel, I’m not sure they have an idea what to do on offense.

10. West Virginia | No game for the Mountaineers this weekend means no win, so they stay at the bottom.

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