2023 Oklahoma Spring Football | Game Stats & Thoughts

Thanks to an incredibly complicated scoring system, Oklahoma fielded one of the more competitive spring football games in a while. Coming down to the final play of the game, the White Team (Defense) outlasted the Red Team (Offense) by a final score of 84-82. Here are some of the more notable stats from the game.


Dillon Gabriel led all passers with 140 yards and three scores but he was also the only QB to throw an interception. The dart that Jackson Arnold threw at the end of the game (potential game winner) was big time and should give fans a lot of hope for how bright the future is at the quarterback position.

Dillon Gabriel: 11/17, 140 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT
Jackson Arnold: 6/14, 64 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT
Davis Beville: 5/6, 83 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT
General Booty: 1/2, 3 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT


The Sooners were limited on healthy offensive linemen and limited on healthy running backs. He’s the top 3 productive running backs.

Tawee Walker: 8 rushes, 37 yds, 4.6 avg.
Daylan Smothers: 4 rushes, 29 yds, 7.3 avg.
Gavin Sawchuk: 7 rushes, 16 yds, 2.3 avg.


I loved how involved the running backs were in the receiving game. A total of 14 different players caught at least one pass on Saturday, including four different running backs. Sawchuck’s touchdown reception was about as perfect of an offensive play as there was and Blake Smith’s touchdown reception was on a pretty perfect play as well. Both of those passes came from Dillon Gabriel.

D.J. Graham: 2 REC, 74 yds
Gavin Freeman: 3 REC, 47 yds, 1 TD
Gavin Sawchuk: 3 REC, 47 yds, 1 TD
Blake Smith: 1 REC, 25 yds, 1 TD
Andrel Anthony: 2 REC, 23 yds
Drake Stoops: 2 REC, 14 yds
LV Bunkley-Shelton: 1 REC, 13 yds
Jalil Farooq: 1 REC, 13 yds, 1 TD
Austin Stogner: 1 REC, 11 yds
Kalib Hicks: 3 REC, 7 yds
Josh Fanuiel: 1 REC, 6 yds, 1 TD
Tawee Walker: 1 REC, 4 yds
Jayden Gibson: 1 REC, 3 yds
Daylan Smothers: 1 REC, 3 yds


It’s hard to get a good read on the pressure that Oklahoma’s defensive front brought in the game because of the health issues along the offensive line. That said, Peyton Bowen made a really good athletic play for the defense’s only interception of the day. It was also Bowen who was on Freeman for that final touchdown though. Guys that stood out to me on the defense were Reggie Pearson, Justin Harrington, and Kip Lewis, who is no joke.

Kip Lewis: 11 TKLS, 2 TFLs (2 yards)
Reggie Pearson: 7 TKLS, 1 TFL
Justin Harrington: 6 TKLS,
Gracen Halton: 5 TKLS, 2 SACKS (14 yds), 2 TFLS (14 yds)
Kendel Dolby: 4 TKLS
Danny Stutsman: 4 TKLS, 2 TFLS (3 yds)
Peyton Bowen: 3 TKLS, 1 INT
Jordan Kelley: 3 TKLS, 1 SACK (8 yards)
Dasan McCullough: 3 TKLS
Damond Harmon: 3 TKLS
Jasiah Wagoner: 3 TKLS
Rondell Bothroyd: 2 TKLS, 1 TFL (4 yds)
Isaiah Coe: 2 TKLS, 1 SACK (5 yds)
Ethan Downs: 2 TKLS, 1 TFL (3 yds)
Jaren Kanak: 2 TKLS
Key Lawrence: 2 TKLS, 1 TFL (1 yd)
Jozsef Pal: 2 TKLS
Phil Picciotti: 2 TKLS
Adepoju Adebawore: 1 TKL, 1 TFL (7 yds)
Avery Burow: 1 TKL
Trace Ford: 1 TKL
Owen Heinecke: 1 TKL
Pierce Hudgens: 1 TKL
Evan Jackson: 1 TKL, 1 SACK (7 yds)
Jonah Laulu: 1 TKL, 1 TFL (1 yd)
Derrick LeBlanc: 1 TKL
Kobie McKinzie: 1 TKL
Ashton Sanders: 1 TKL
Peter Schuh: 1 TKL
R Mason Thomas: 1 TKL, 1 TFL (4 yds)
Makari Vickers: 1 TKL

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