Eric Striker Making Strong Impression At Bills Camp

As a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan I have a ton of loathing and hatred for the Buffalo Bills. However, as a die-hard, and lifelong, Oklahoma Sooners fan I love what Eric Striker is doing and wish him all of the success in the world, even if it is with my nemesis.

The Bills are finding out what OU fans have known about Striker for years now, he’s fast off the edge. The knock against Striker was that he wasn’t big enough for the NFL. It’s what caused him to go undrafted and ultimately end up in Buffalo as a free agent.

That’s four-year veteran Chris Gragg that Striker is blowing by in the pass rush drill. Not bad for an undrafted free agent rookie. I said following the draft last spring that the Bills got steal in signing Striker. Looks like Chris Gragg agrees with me.

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