Who Plays and Who Redshirts from the Oklahoma Sooners Class of 2016


Every year on National Signing Day everyone gets amped about the next wave of talent set to hit the campus and become the next great group of players to play for the Sooners. Every year we end up having a player have a breakout campaign even as a true freshman. This year should be no different and we will attempt to predict who will play and who will redshirt for the Sooners class of 2016.

QB Austin Kendall – This one is pretty straightforward. Kendall is 2nd on the depth chart as Kyler Murray will have to set out because of his transfer from Texas A&M. You have to get your backup quarterback plenty of live game action in the unfortunate event he finds himself thrown into the fire. Chances to Play – 100%

RB Abdul Adams – This is one where the talent is obvious and Adams fits this Sooner offense nearly perfectly. I normally wouldn’t have picked Adams to make an impact, but with the injury to Rodney Anderson, Adams is now a lock to play. Chances to Play – 100%  

WR Mykel Jones –  It sounds as if Jones will be on the field early and often for the Sooners. He is is a prototypical slot WR and should become a staple of the Sooners offense. Look for him to get major playing time even as early as Houston. Chances to Play – 95%    

WR Zach Farrar – Farrar will likely need a redshirt year. He has the physical attributes to dominate (6-3/210) but should definitely redshirt to polish his game. Chances to Play – 10%    

OL Erik Swenson – Swenson recruitment was strange as he had his Michigan offered pulled before ultimately winding up a Sooner. Swenson will need a redshirt year to continue to add strength to his frame (6-5/300). Chances to Play – Less than 5%    

OL Logan Roberson – Roberson enrolled early which should help his chances, but I still don’t see him making an impact this year. Although there is usually one surprise along the offensive line every year. Chances to Play – 20%        

JUCO OL Ben Powers – This one is pretty easy to forecast as Powers is in line to quite possibly start at guard. I expect Powers to play a bunch and it wouldn’t shock me to see him start in time. Chances to Play – 95%

JUCO OL Ashton Julious  – The Lackawanna Community College product is massive (6-6/330) and yet moves like someone much smaller. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him play, but it’s a toss up. Chances to Play – 50/50

DE/DL Amani Bledsoe – Bledsoe arrived in Norman with the size 6-5/270 to make an immediate impact and has had some pretty high praise by the coaches. I think a redshirt year would do him well, if for no other reason to give some separation between him and the players in front of him. Chances to Play – 55%

LB Mark Jackson – To me it’s not a matter of if, but when Mark Jackson makes an impact this year. I expect him to come along a bit slower, but as the season progresses he will be increasingly harder and harder to keep off the field. Chances to play – 80%

LB Caleb Kelly – You could almost copy and paste the exact same paragraph for Kelly that you did Jackson. Chances to Play – 80%

JUCO LB Kapri Doucet – Doucet might not start, but he will play early and often. Chances to Play – 80%

JUCO LB Emmanuel Beal – I was tempted to put the same sentence I did for Doucet, but Beal might need to add a few pounds to his frame to be as effective as possible. Chances to Play – 60%

LB Jon-Michael Terry – Physically Terry should be more than ready at 6-3/240, but considering he is making the switch to defense from offense there will likely be an adjustment period. Chances to play – 25%

DB Parnell Motley – He’s kinda the forgotten man in the class of 2016 in the defensive backfield, but he’s probably going to be getting some pretty solid playing time as the season progresses (even more so if Dakota Austin struggles). Chances to Play – 55%

DB Jordan Parker – He’s my pick to be the next All Big 12 corner from OU. He’s that good. I think he plays pretty early and often. He might even be starting by the Texas game. Chances to Play – 90%

DB Chanse Sylvie – Sylvie early enrollment gives him a leg up, but he will likely be a redshirt candidate. Don’t sleep on him in the future though. Chances to Play – 30%

DB Parrish Cobb – Had he originally signed with OU instead of Baylor, I believe he would have been in line to receive plenty of playing time. Now he will probably redshirt. Chances to Play – 40%


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