Don’t Panic Yet On the Sooners 2017 Recruiting Class After the Houston Loss


One of the interesting subplots of any loss is if it will have a ripple effect with the current recruiting class. The tendency is to think that after a loss like the Sooners experienced last Saturday, that the class will fall apart and the coaches will be left scrambling to fill the scholarships as the season progresses. Well quite simply that is not the case, at least not yet. Here are some reasons why you should panic about the Sooners rercruiting class.

It’s Only One Loss

Should the losses continue to mount, then we might have something to talk about. However, even after Saturday’s loss to Houston, I have the Sooners still the favorites to win the Big 12. Recruits rarely overreact in situations like this. In fact, I would venture to say that several of the players in the class of 2017 probably didn’t even watch the game. Further a loss like this reveals holes for playing time. A big time WR or DB should be licking their chops at the playing time that can be had as a true freshman.

De-commits Are Inevitable

Even Alabama has players that de-commit every season. Recruits come and go with increasing frequency these days. So part of following recruiting is just to understand and accept the fact that several players currently committed to every football team will wind up at a different school before National Signing Day.

The Cohesiveness of the Sooners Class of 2017

While the above statement about de-commits will in all likelihood ring true before National Signing Day, there is a certain level of togetherness that currently exists among the player that are a part of the Sooners class of 2017. Bonds and friendships have already been made and these bonds will be hard to break.

So don’t jump ship yet. In fact, should they beat Ohio State in two weeks, the recruiting floodgates should again open up not only for 2017, but also for 2018.


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