Officials Suspended In Oklahoma State/Central Michigan Gaffe


It’ll provide no consolation to Oklahoma State or it’s fans but punishments from the Big 12 and the MAC have been handed out to the officials who botched the ending of the Cowboys game against Central Michigan. In all, ten officials were suspended (8 from the MAC & 2 from the Big 12) but it won’t remove the loss from OSU’s record.

“After a thorough review and evaluation of the entire Central Michigan at Oklahoma State contest, we have decided to suspend the officiating crew for the next two consecutive weeks,” Bill Carollo, the coordinator of football officials for the Collegiate Officiating Consortium, said in a statement. “I have personally informed the crew of our decision.”

In addition, the Big 12 suspended the two-man replay crew for two games and they will not be allowed to work a bowl game this season.

“The crew missed an opportunity to advise the MAC officiating crew of the misapplication of the penalty giving CMU an untimed down that resulted in its game-winning touchdown,” Walt Anderson, Big 12 football coordinator of officials, said in a statement released by the conference.

The extra play awarded to Central Michigan resulted in Oklahoma State’s first loss of the season and subsequently dropping from the AP Top 25.

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