Oklahoma State vs. Central Michigan | Defensive Grades

Pretty much anyone who knows anything about NCAA Football has seen the Central Michigan Hail Mary that won the game for the Chippewas. While the play never should have happened because of the inexcusable oversight by the officials, the play REALLY never should have happened because the defense should have been able to stop it.

Overall, Oklahoma State’s defense was one let down after another. Chippewa Senior QB Cooper Rush is without a doubt talented, but the way he dissected the Cowboys is a major concern going forward.

Position Grades

Defensive Line | The defensive line actually did a fairly decent job on Saturday sacking QB Cooper Rush three times while holding the Chippewa rush game to only 57 yards on 26 carries.  Overall Grade | B+

Linebackers | Potentially the most talented group on defense, Oklahoma State’s linebackers have to be more involved in the pass defense. Jordan Burton and Jordan Sterns led all tacklers with six apiece, but the majority of Rush’s completed passes were on smaller gains, which means the linebackers have to be there to help. Overall Grade | C+

Secondary | The defensive backs were torched all day for 361 yards, allowing Cooper Rush to throw 30/42 passes for three touchdowns. The final dagger was the Cooper Rush Hail Mary pass on a play that never should have happened, but the defense should have been able to make a stop. The lone bright spot was Ramon Richards’s interception which, at the time, nearly sealed the game for the Cowboys. Overall Grade | D+

Coaching | The inability to keep Central Michigan, specifically Cooper Rush, from scoring on a ridiculous Hail Mary play to win the game was unbelievable. A hefty amount of the responsibility on that play falls on coaching. If properly prepared, a play like that should never happen. Players have to execute, but the Chippewas made it look easy. Overall Grade | D

Defensive Player of the Game

CB Ramon Richards: The secondary was not very good, but Richards was third on the team with five tackles, and his late interception ALMOST saved the day.

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