Oklahoma Sooners 59 – Louisiana-Monroe 17 | Offensive Position Grades


Oklahoma’s starting offense pretty much did what they were expected to Saturday night against Louisiana-Monroe. The Sooners produced 59 points and 640 yards of total offense. Again, it’s what they were supposed to do and you really can’t fault them for doing so against a defense that was out of their league in more ways than one.

If you’re going to nitpick the offense this week then you’ll have to make it about the second team guys who got off to a rough start in the second half. They were able to rebound nicely into the fourth quarter though. Since the final thirty minutes was basically a developmental project, the position grades this week will reflect the starting unit only.

Quarterback | It appeared to me as if Baker Mayfield was intentional about looking underneath. That’s a good thing because he neglected it in week one but the jury is still out on how he’ll be able to handle that against legitimate pressure though. For it it was good, real good. Mayfield was 14/20 for 244 yards and three scores. Overall Grade | A

Running Backs | While I still feel as if the could use more touches, this was the Joe Mixon/Samaje Perine duo that I had hoped to see. The two combined for 175 yards and two touchdowns on 24 carries. It should also be noted they only played a half. Overall Grade | A+

Receivers/Tight Ends | Mark Andrews is blossoming into something special. He added another touchdown to his resume on Saturday night and is legitimately becoming a nightmare for defensive coordinators. Dede Westbrook, Jarvis Baxter and A.D. Miller also had their moments. Overall Grade | A

Offensive Line | I’m interested to see what version of the line the Sooners roll out against Ohio State on Saturday night. Coaches praised this unit following the Houston loss and then we say some changes on Saturday night. The end result was good as they powered the offense on the ground and gave great protection for Mayfield to set up and pass. Overall Grade | A

Coaching | Again you have to take into consideration the level of competition, but things came pretty easy on Saturday night. I thought that the heavier emphasis on the run game was much needed and I liked the slew of underneath options that were there for Mayfield. No complaints here. Overall Grades | A

Offensive Player of the Game

In my book it has to go to Baker Mayfield but Joe Mixon gets a hat tip. Mayfield’s 98.5 QB rating is pretty hard to ignore.


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