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After reading about other players in the NBA, I determined there aren’t many stories as good as Anthony Morrow’s. We now know “A-Mo” as one of the quickest draws in the West. Not only does he shoot the deep ball efficiently, his release is so quick it’s nearly impossible to alter his shot. However, things were not always this way.

Anthony Morrow was born on September 27th, 1985 in Charlotte, North Carolina. As Morrow grew up, his mother Angela wanted him to go to college at an ACC school, but she knew the school district her son was in was not good enough for him to be accepted. Angela Morrow decided to work multiple jobs so she could afford to send him to Charlotte Latin School, which was prestigious enough to make it into nearly any college in the United States. Morrow played high school basketball there, where he was eventually named “Mr. Basketball” for the state of North Carolin after graduating from high school in 2004.

All of his mother’s hard work paid off when Morrow signed to play basketball at Georgia Tech. Morrow played four years of college ball and then entered the NBA draft in 2008. He ended up going un-drafted, but he joined the Golden State Warriors for Summer League basketball. After an impressive summer, he signed a contract with Golden State. A-Mo scored 37 points in his first NBA start, which is the most ever by an un-drafted player in his rookie season. Morrow would end up playing for several different teams over the next 6 years before finally landing in Oklahoma City.

On July 16, 2014, Morrow signed a three-year, $10 million contract with the Thunder. He has been a solid role player for OKC over the last two seasons. A-Mo tallied up 32 points on 11-16 shooting against the Mavericks in 2015. He has continued to improve over the years and now has veteran experience.

Anthony Morrow recognizes his success is due to his mother’s hard work to enable him to attend Georgia Tech. He is forever thankful that she worked multiple jobs for him. Now that he has signed a few large contracts, he provides for his mother so that she never has to work again.

I expect to see Morrow carrying a big load for the bench this season. Primed with experience, accurate shooting, and a quick release, A-Mo could be the leader of the second team this season.

Article written by Craig Hofeld. Follow @TheThunderGuys on Twitter. 

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