Oklahoma City Thunder Trade Idea: How I Would Remake the Roster After 5 Games


I along with many didn’t believe the Thunder would be sitting at 4-1. They have played a gritty, albeit sometimes ugly brand of basketball, scratching and clawing their way to a 4-1 record. Yesterday’s game with the Warriors notwithstanding (because Kevin Durant is a mental midget), the Thunder are in a really solid place moving forward and could with some roster tweaks cement themselves back atop the Western Conference. So how would I go about manipulating the parts of the roster. Here it goes.

OKC Thunder and Washington Wizards

Wizards Get: Andre Roberson and Cameron Payne or Anthony Morrow and two 2nd round picks

OKC Gets: Otto Porter Jr.

This scenario could make sense for both sides. One, Scott Brooks has tended to prefer a defense first wing and Roberson fits that bill perfectly. His offense is still a work in progress, but he would help solidify a team that currently sets at 27th in team defense in the NBA.

Payne is a wildcard, but it gives the Wizards the ability to get a player in who can excel running the 2nd unit. I would do everything I could to not include Payne as I believe he is an asset that could be included in another deal and still has the talent to grow into a solid NBA player, but I ultimately wouldn’t let Payne stand in the way of getting a deal done.

For the Thunder, adding Porter gives them another scoring option on the wing that is coming into his own. Yes he will be expensive in restricted free agency, but you know that you can keep him regardless of what contract he signs.

This might be a bit of a difficult trade for the Wizards to make, but I don’t believe it’s outside the realm of possibility.

OKC roster would then be as follows

Adams, Kanter, Sabonis, Collison, Lauvergne, Grant, Huestis, Singler, Porter, Morrow/Payne, Oladipo, Abrines, Christon, Russ.

You could then either move Payne/Morrow and Singler for another piece or keep Payne and look to add a player who was cut before the season started. Also you would have the option to add a player who is bought out of his contract later this season.



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