Oklahoma Sooners Ranked 9th in Both Coaches and AP Poll…Do They Have a Shot at the Playoff?


The Sooners jumped into the top 10 this afternoon as the polls were released. Being ranked number 9 was thought by many to be impossible after a 1-2 start, but here they are.

So the burning question is what if any shot do the Sooners have at the College Football Playoff.

The answer is a convoluted maybe. After ranking 14 in the initial rankings, the Sooners needed to climb 10 spots.

Well they got some help this week as 4 teams ranked ahead of them lost (LSU, A&M, Nebraska, and Florida). This would like put the Sooners at number 10 (outside shot of 9) in the latest playoff rankings.

Should the Sooners win out, several things will take care of themselves allow the Sooners to further make up ground. Here is what needs to happen in order for the Sooners to have a chance

  • OU needs to win out and have WVU and OKState win every game except for the game against OU. This gives OU the best strength of schedule.
  • Alabama beats Auburn (gives Auburn 3 losses)
  • Michigan beats Ohio State (gives Ohio State 2 losses and eliminates them from the Big 10 championship game.
  • Michigan beats Wisconsin in Big 10 Championship game.
  • Washington loses one of the following games (USC, ASU, @ Wazzu), and then lose in the Pac 12 Championship game (likely to Colorado)
  • Louisville lose to either Wake Forest, @ Houston, or Kentucky.

In this scenario the final playoff rankings would likely look like

  1. Bama
  2. Clemson/Michigan
  3. Clemson/Michigan
  4. OU, Ohio State, Colorado

Both Colorado and OU would have conference championships, but Ohio State would have a head to head victory over the Sooners

So in the end, maybe not a good chance, but strangers things have happened.


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