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Oklahoma Sooners | October 17, 2019

Sooner Nation Podcast | OU/WVU & Why Riley Isn’t Going To The NFL

The Sooners are looking to improve to 7-0 on the season when they host West Virginia this weekend for Homecoming. We’ve got plenty of discussion on that game plus why […]


Oklahoma Sooners | December 29, 2018

Meltdown In Miami | Quick Thoughts On Oklahoma’s 45-34 Orange Bowl Loss

Oklahoma stood toe-to-toe with Alabama for three quarters. They match their physicality. They gave as many shots as they took and cause Nick Saban to spike his headset. Unfortunately they were never in the game though because of the 28-point first quarter meltdown. That’s going to leave a bad taste for a long time to come.

Oklahoma Sooners | December 29, 2018

Alabama Running Back Josh Jacobs Has Imaginary Chip On His Shoulder

It’s just that neither party got to this point the way Jacobs seems to be spinning the story. The ironic thing is that he seemed to be burned by Oklahoma’s late offer so he ended up at Alabama who offered him on January 29, 2016. That was just five days before National Signing Day and more than a week after the Sooners offered.

Oklahoma Sooners | December 28, 2018

Orange Bowl Questions Part IV | Is Lack Of Respect Enough Of A Motivation?

The Sooners rank 108th nationally in total defense after running through the gauntlet of Big 12 offenses. Now they get ready to face an Alabama offense that will have zero respect for their defensive counterparts, nor will then national media covering the game.

Oklahoma Sooners | December 26, 2018

Sooner Nation Podcast | Orange Bowl Preview

It’s almost time! The Sooners and Crimson Tide are about to square off in the Orange Bowl with a berth in the national championship game on the line. In this […]

Oklahoma Sooners | December 24, 2018

Sooners Arrive To Miami Mostly Healthy

“I think we’ve had a good kind of balance of rest, getting their bodies back, getting some injured guys back healthy, which that was a pretty long list here two or three weeks ago,” Riley said. “So we think we’ve made some improvements there, and then we’ve gotten a lot of good, quality work on kind of just trying to get better ourselves. We felt like we were really starting to play much closer to our capability there the last couple games of the year, feel like we’re building momentum and we know we’ve got to continue that.”

Oklahoma Sooners | December 22, 2018

Orange Bowl Questions Part II | How Good Is Kyler Murray?

There isn’t a more difficult player in America to try and scheme against than Kyler Murray. He’s always going to be the guy you can’t account for and if you blitz him then you’d better do so with pinpoint accuracy.

Oklahoma Sooners | December 14, 2018

Oklahoma Sooners Football | Kyler Murray Graces Cover Of SI’s CFP Preview

In the pursuit of an eighth national championship for Oklahoma, the previous players failed to deliver. Taking a shot on the biggest stage as a first year start, the Murray led offense certainly has the tools to compete with any other program. Stepping up to the plate, with the quarterback’s outcome differ from those who came before him?