Should the Oklahoma City Thunder Trade for Tim Hardaway Jr of the Atlanta Hawks?


In the never ending quest to upgrade the talent on the Thunder roster, many Thunder fans will likely turn over every rock looking for ways to build this team back into a contender for the NBA Championship. Well, an opportunity may have presented itself via trade, where the Thunder could acquire a player that is averaging 11.4 points a game and hitting 34% of his 3 point shots. That player is Tim Hardaway Jr. The former Michigan Wolverine is coming off the bench for the Atlanta Hawks and averaging just over 22 minutes per game. He is 6-6/205 and could provide a scoring boost with the 2nd unit.

So all of that sounds great, but many will be wondering what the Thunder would have to give up in order to get him. The answer is not much at all. According to Zach Lowe that Hawks are looking for just a 2nd round pick for him.

The Hawks are now entering into full rebuild mode and do not want to pay Hardaway Jr. this offseason, as he will be eligible for an extension this offseason. Basically he will be in the same situation that Victor Oladipo, Steven Adams, and Andre Roberson were in this offseason. Keeping him would likely cost the Hawks $12 million or so per year. So if you acquire Hardaway Jr., you have to be willing to commit to paying him at some point in the next year. They Hawks are not wanting to do this because they want to rebuild.

As far as possible trades that would get the deal done. Christon and a 2nd round pick, or Morrow and a 2nd round pick would likely be all it would take. I’d offer Morrow first and see what would happen.

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