Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting | 2017 LB Addison Gumbs Officially a Sooner


A major part of the Sooners class of 2017 is now in the fold as 4-Star outside linebacker Addison Gumbs has signed his paperwork and his financial aid agreement for the class of 2017. With classes starting next week, Gumbs will soon be transitioning to life as a student athlete in Norman. Gumbs tweeted out the information wit the following tweet.

Addison Gumbs is a major cog in the Sooners class of 2017, and I would compare his skill set to one Caleb Kelly (yeah Gumbs is that good). With Gumbs having the ability go through spring practice and acclimate to college life, I fully expect him to make an impact early for the Sooners.

Gumbs had thought to be giving a long look to both UCLA and Texas A&M, leading up to his early enrollment, but now Sooner fans everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief.

The Sooners have 12 players that have enrolled early and will be a part of spring practice.

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