Police Dash Cam Captures Baker Mayfield Arrest

Oklahoma senior quarterback Baker Mayfield habitually makes defenders look silly. His quick feet, gunslinger mentality, and downfield vision have made plenty of Big 12 defenders feel a touch of embarrassment.

Apparently a blitzing college safety has nothing on the Fayetteville, Arkansas police department. Mayfield was arrested early in the morning on February 25th after attempting to flee the officers who were questioning him. As the video shows, it was a terribly poor attempt and Baker was completely shocked (even sobbing at times) the the full force of the law had come down on him.

Mayfield made a bad situation worse by attempting to flee and, as The University of Oklahoma knows all too well, videos never better a situation either. With the charges against him just being misdemeanor it’s not likely that he’ll face significant punishment from the coaching staff. I could see him missing some or all of the Sooners opener against UTEP but nothing more significant than that.

The hardest hit that Mayfield took in this incident (outside of the gang-tackle from the police officers) was to his image which had been, to this point, nothing short of heroic and golden.

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