Cowboys Promote Basketball Assistant Mike Boynton to Head Coach

Just one week after the Oklahoma State Cowboys basketball team lost to the Michigan Wolverines in the first-round of the NCAA tournament, only to be followed by the resignation of head coach Brad Underwood the very next day, Cowboy basketball has chosen its new head coach: 2016-17 assistant coach Mike Boynton.

Many reactions to the hire have been nothing more than a simple question: “Who?” Boynton’s name is not that familiar as he has been a part of Oklahoma State basketball for only year. Boynton spent three seasons with Underwood at Stephen F. Austin before Underwood hired him shortly after arriving in Stillwater.

Mike Boynton played college basketball for South Carolina from 2001-04, where he also served an assistant coach for four years prior to his time with Underwood at Stephen F. Austin. While Boynton has some solid experience as an assistant coach for successful teams, the jury is out on how well he will do as a head coach at a program with a rich basketball history.

For many fans, the hire comes as a bit of a letdown, as many wanted to see former Oklahoma State player Doug Gottlieb hired, while others wanted at least someone with deep roots in the Oklahoma State family. Perhaps the most interesting response to the hire is the pretty universal response to Athletic Director Mike Holder.

Oklahoma State hired Eddie Fogler, an outside source, to help them in their search for a coach. Fogler was almost certainly directly involved with the choosing of Boynton, and what comes off as suspicious is the fact that Fogler coached Boynton at South Carolina.

Regardless of how you feel about Mike Holder or Coach Boynton, the decision is made, and only time will tell whether the hire is one that could continue to pave the road to a brighter future for Cowboy basketball or one that will send Oklahoma State fans into a further fit of rage over the lack of success over the last decade.

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