Red River Rivalry | Texas Longhorns Best No. 16 Oklahoma Sooners 5-3

Making the trip to Austin, Texas, the Oklahoma Sooners put their No. 16 ranking on the line in heated rivalry against the Texas Longhorns. Quickly finding themselves in a rough spot thanks to a pair of errors, there was work to be done. Through three innings of play, the Longhorns managed to push four base runners across the plate taking a commanding. By the time the eighth inning rolled around, UT maintained a 5-1 edge before things got interesting.

Down to their final six outs of the night and backs against the wall, Oklahoma managed to secure a lead off home run. Trotting home, Steele Walker breathed a little life into the offense. Up next, Brylie Ware singled to right field putting pressure on the pitching staff of Texas. Opting for a change on the mound, it appeared as though Texas may have started to crack.

Now up at the plate, Jack Flansburg swung the bat connecting with the ball. Heading towards the shortstop, the ball was fielded and tossed to second. Moving quickly, the ball sailed to first as a double play sucked the wind out of the sails. Another ground out ended the top half of the inning and the best scoring option the Sooners had all night.

However, the ninth inning started in the same fashion the eighth did — with a home run. This one was powered by Renae Martinez once again igniting interest from those looking on. Yet, just as fast as the spark started it flamed out. A ground out, a single, and two pinch hitters flying out ended the game.

After the 5-3 loss, the Sooners must now regroup and look ahead to Saturday if they hope to salvage the series.


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