Did Billy Donovan Admit To Having An Enes Kanter Problem?

The Oklahoma City Thunder had a rough debut to the NBA Playoffs on Sunday night, ultimately dropping a 31-point decision to the Houston Rockets. While there’s still plenty of basketball left for the Boys in Blue, it’s clear that some changes need to happen on the floor.

One of those changes may involve Enes Kanter, who tallied eight points and three rebounds in just 16 minutes of play. Scheduled to make just over $17 million dollars this season, Kanter is known as a bit of a defensive liability but he more than made up for it on the offensive end of the floor. That wasn’t the case Sunday night though as Kanter seemed to be outmatched on both ends, prompting Billy Donovan to eventually lean over to assistant coach Mo Cheeks and say, “Can’t play Kanter.”

I mean James Harden isn’t a guy that anyone is going to lock down but Kanter just looked silly here. Still though, he gets a pass because it’s Harden and Enes Kanter is just one name on a long list of victims. The story changes a bit though when were talking about Patrick Beverly and Clint Capela.

Granted, I’m not a professional lip reader or anything but it sure does look like Donovan says, “Can’t play Kanter,” after that alley-oop. Maybe he said, “Can’t say pander” or “Shan’t pay for slander”. Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

So what do you think? Should Kanter see less time of the floor in game two? Who would you rather see in his place?

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