Could Joe Mixon Be The First Oklahoma Sooner Taken In The 2017 Draft?

The 2017 NFL Draft is set to kickoff Thursday night as a handful of hopefuls hear their names called on the first day. Mock Drafts continue to ebb and flow placing Myles Garrett as the expected No. 1 overall pick with just over 24-hours left before it becomes official. However, we’re interested in who the first Oklahoma Sooner taken off the board will be when it’s all said and done.

Currently, all signs point toward Joe Mixon. Apparently receiving a first round grade, the versatile running back’s future was thrown into a lurch. An incident occurring on Oklahoma’s campus involving a female student put character concerns on the youngster. Despite the past, it seems as though one franchise is refusing to pass up on a bargain — assuming he’s still available.

According to the Cincinnati Inquirer, the Bengals have shown a continued interest in drafting the talents of Mixon. Initially, reports swirled of Cincinnati considering the former Sooner as a first round pick, too valuable to pass up on. Yet, most believe it’s an unlikely scenario due to the well documented character concerns. Realistically, most franchises will take a hard pass due to a recent string of issues surrounding domestic violence and violence toward women in general.

Does that apply to all interested parties? Clearly not, nor should it! Predicted by Dallas News as the 41st overall pick (2nd Round) and future Bengal, Mixon could very well be the first OU player off the board. The sentiment was echoed by at the same spot.

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