2017 Countdown To Kickoff | 85 Days!

In 1985, Head Coach Barry Switzer was in his 13th season with the Oklahoma Sooners. Running through the season, OU dropped a single game to the Miami Hurricanes before ending the year 11-1. The effort claimed a No. 1 ranking and a consensus National Championship.

Starting the year with Troy Aikman under center, an injury forced Oklahoma to resort to the wishbone offense. Headed by lightning fast Jamelle Holieway, the freshman ran right into the Orange Bowl. There, a punishing defense would find themselves paired against a perennial power, Penn State.

Dipping into the bag of tricks, Switzer pulled out an unexpected play during the first offensive possession. However, the Nittany Lions were clearly prepared stuffing the play for a 2-yard loss. Caught in a defensive bout led by Brian Bosworth, kicker Tim Lashar nailed four critical field goals leading OU to a 25-10 win.

Claiming the championship, the Sooners extended their trophy collection to six in 1985.

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