2017 Countdown To Kickoff | 73 Days!

During the 2012 Red River Rivalry, the Oklahoma Sooners put together a highlight reel for the fans in attendance. Literally running over a plethora of Texas Longhorns, Trey Millard left behind a memory that lives on in infamy.

As Landry Jones took the snap, the quarterback faked the hand off before rolling out to the right. Finding a wide open Millard in the backfield, Jones dumped the ball off giving the versatile back a bit of running room. Quickly turning up field, Millard collected enough yardage earning a first down before meeting a defender.

Attempting to go low in order to make the tackle, the Longhorns safety forced the rumbling back airborne. Avoiding one tackle, another would-be-tackler tried to pull Millard out of the air. Met with a stiff arm, the defense crumbled in the wake of the ball carrier.

Finally being chased down, Millard was forced out of bounds. However, the play ended 73 yards downfield from the point of origin. Finishing with 114 yards receiving and another 45 rushing, the fullback helped Oklahoma pull off a lopsided victory.

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