OU Board Of Regents Approve Lincoln Riley Contract & Others

After sitting down with the Board of Regents, the Oklahoma Sooners have approved Lincoln Riley’s contract along with a few others. As the newly minted head coach of the football program at the University of Oklahoma, Riley is set to make $3.1 million per year. Signing a five year contract, the head coach stands to make an addition $200,000 for each year he remains at Oklahoma. However, there are additional incentives.

One of those incentives is currently tied to bringing home the national championship. Assuming that were to happen in the near future, Riley would earn an additional $425,000 on top of the current salary.

As the newest addition to the coaching staff, Ruffin McNeill now knows what he’ll take home each year. Signing a two-year contract, McNeill is set to earn $560,000 per year. He surpasses the likes of Bill Bedenbaugh in terms of money made despite the increase in Bedenbaugh’s payment.

Mentioned previously, Bedenbaugh earned a pay increase due to signing an extension. The new contract extends Bedenbaugh’s presence on the sideline through January of 2019. Seeing an increase of $110,000 per year, the coach stands to pull in $535,000 each year.

Last but certainly not least, Mike Stoops also received a raise. Witnessing an increase of just $20,000 per year, Stoops sit just under the one million dollar mark at $920,000. Inking the deal, the Sooners retain the defensive coordinator through the 2018 season.

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