OKC Thunder Assistant GM, Winger, Offered Position With Clippers

Initially reported by Adrian Woknarowski of ESPN, it appears as though the L.A. Clippers expect Michael Winger to the franchise sooner rather than later. Over the past seven years, Winger served as an assistant GM with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Highly regarded as a salary cap expert, Winger would assume the GM role with the Clippers.

During the offseason, LAC focused on the future of the organization. Making several moves, the Clippers traded Chris Paul, reduced Doc Rivers’ role to coaching exclusively, and Jerry West from Golden State as a consultant. Without Rivers holding GM responsibilities during the foreseeable future, LA began the search for the next General Manager.

Now that the offer is on the table, could the Clippers be looking to tap into the “Sam Presti lineage” as the franchise moves to a more traditional front office? Dating back to his years with the San Antonio Spurs, Presti gained a reputation for building championship caliber teams through blockbuster trades and unlikely draft picks. If you’re asking me, it seems so!


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