AP Poll Week 6 | Oklahoma Sooners & Oklahoma State Hold Steady

Despite having a week off, the Oklahoma Sooners hold steady in the AP Poll at No. 3 in the rankings. However, it comes without a first place vote in this edition. Looking above OU, the Clemson Tigers solidified themselves as the clear No. 2 program in the nation. With a convincing conference win, the gap between two and three continues to increase. Without any further ado, here are the updated rankings according to the media.

AP Top 25 Poll

1. Alabama (44 first-place votes)
2. Clemson (17)
3. Oklahoma
4. Penn State
5. Georgia
6. Washington
7. Michigan
8. TCU
9. Wisconsin
10. Ohio State
11. Washington State
12. Auburn
13. Miami
14. USC
15. Oklahoma State
16. Virginia Tech
17. Louisville
18. South Florida
19. San Diego State
20. Utah
21. Notre Dame
21. Florida
23. West Virginia
24. NC State
25. UCF

Bouncing back from a loss earlier in the season, the Oklahoma State Cowboys secured a win at night in Lubbock. Although the win was a welcomed sight for the fanbase, it meant little in the rankings. The Cowboys are also holding steady in the rankings at No. 15 this go around.

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