Quick Thoughts | Oklahoma Downs The Horns 29-24 With Late Rally

There’s so much to discuss about this game, and we’ll certainly get into that on subsequent posts but here are a few initial thoughts on the Red River Rivalry.

Officiating Was Terrible

I hate to lead off with this, and I certainly would have left it off had the Sooners lost, but the Big 12’s best officiating crew was not in Dallas today. Neither was the second or third. I would legitimately like to know what the referee was looking at when all of those egregious holds went uncalled. Ball spotting was quite suspect as well.

Oklahoma Has To Clean Up Their Play

Putting my comments on officiating aside, the Sooners have to play smarter football. Texas put themselves in position to pull off the upset in the Cotton Bowl but Oklahoma did a whole lot to help them. The Sooners were flagged eight times for 81 yards on the afternoon.


Baker Mayfield’s Resolve Is Unparalleled

At one point Mayfield was being tended to on the sideline by trainers and Kyler Murray was warming up. It looked like the Crimson Empire was crumbling but Mayfield saved the day with a 59-yard touchdown pass to Mark Andrews.

Baker’s injury, though mild, was a bit of a rally cry for both the offense and defense. A moment that could have turned the game for the worse ended up being a catalyst that would ultimately lead to a comeback.

The Quest For The Three-Peat Is Back On

Oklahoma still controls its own destiny in the conference championship race. Every game is a possible elimination game though.

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