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Oklahoma Sooners | October 12, 2019

Oklahoma Sooners vs. Texas | Storylines, How to Watch, Odds, & Predictions

Kickoff: 11:00 AM CT Location: Cotton Bowl (Dallas, TX) Television: FOX Storylines This is the 115th football meeting between Oklahoma and Texas. This also marks the second straight season both OU and Texas […]


Oklahoma Sooners | October 9, 2019

Oklahoma Football | Texas Hate Week, Joke #3

Why do Texas football players put their diplomas on the dashboard? So they can park in a handicapped spot. Follow us on Twitter: @SportsHeartland

Oklahoma Sooners | October 7, 2019

Oklahoma Football | Texas Hate Week, Joke #1

A scrawny man at a bar in Austin, Texas says to the guy sitting next to him, “Hey, you want to hear a really funny joke about the Longhorns?” The […]

Oklahoma Sooners | October 6, 2018

Texas 48 – Oklahoma 45 | Notes & Quotes

“It is not something that the coaches are doing. It is a personal thing. We need that attitude, we have to want to tackle, it is hard to think about when you are out there trying to make plays and it is moving fast. There are no excuses, at the end of the day players have to make plays and make tackles.” 

Oklahoma Sooners | October 6, 2018

Three Reasons Why Oklahoma’s Epic Comeback Bid Fell Short Against Texas

We all know how bad it was last season but an combination of poor execution and poor coaching has this unit pretty much at rock bottom. Not only were the 48 points a season-high for the Longhorns, they practically scored at will through the first three quarters. 

Oklahoma Sooners | September 20, 2018

Red River Rivalry Set For 11 AM Kickoff

On October 6th, the Oklahoma Sooners swing south while the Texas Longhorns trek north for the annual Red River Rivalry. Descending upon the state fair of Texas, thousands of fans […]