3 Theories On Why The Oklahoma Sooners Remained No. 4 In CFP Rankings

The fourth edition of the College Football Playoff Rankings have officially been released by the committee. For those hoping for a bit of drama, you’ll be sadly disappointed. Clearly valuing the unbeaten status of the Miami Hurricanes, the only change in the top four is the Clemson Tigers flipping positions with their conference foe.

College Football Playoff Rankings

1. Alabama (11-0)
2. Miami (10-0)
3. Clemson (10-1)
4. Oklahoma (10-1)
5. Wisconsin (11-0)
6. Auburn (9-2)
7. Georgia (10-1)
8. Notre Dame (9-2)
9. Ohio State (9-2)
10. Penn State (9-2)
11. USC (10-2)
12. TCU (9-2)
13. Washington State (9-2)
14. Mississippi State (8-3)
15. UCF (10-0)
16. Michigan State (8-3)
17. Washington (9-2)
18. LSU (8-3)
19. Oklahoma State (8-3)
20. Memphis (9-1)
21. Stanford (8-3)
22. Northwestern (8-3)
23. Boise State (9-2)
24. South Carolina (8-3)
25. Virginia Tech (8-3)

3 Theories On Oklahoma Remaining at No. 4

Theory No. 1

Unfortunately for any Big 12 program, the committee has mentioned a lack of defense. Painting with a broad brush, the committee fails to recognize the elite offenses of the league in the same breath. Testing defensive coordinators as well as the talent pool, the offenses have largely remained ahead of defensive schemes. Regardless, giving up fifty points one week and holding an opponent to three later means little in the committee’s eyes when it comes to the Big 12 — more specifically, when it comes to the Oklahoma Sooners.

Theory No. 2

During Bob Stoops’ tenure, talk of the Big 12 vs the SEC ran rampant. Paired with an opponent from the storied conference in several recent bowl games, the Oklahoma Sooners have gotten the better of their counterpart. With wins over Alabama as well as Auburn in the bowl season, OU also scored a come-from-behind win over Tennessee in the regular season. It only drives the “Oklahoma vs the SEC” talks more and more. If the Sooners can be paired against Alabama, I have to believe the committee is going to seize the opportunity.

Theory No. 3

This one remains simple. The Texas Tech Athletic Director sits as the chairman of the CFP Committee. I’m not accusing but merely asking the question here… Knowing there is bad blood — cue Taylor Swift — between Baker Mayfield and TTU, could Kirby Hocutt be a convincing voice for the rest of the members?

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