2018 NFL Draft Prediction | Offensive Tackle Orlando Brown

Putting together tape over a three year career at Oklahoma, Orlando Brown opted to forgo a senior season on the collegiate level. Making a declaration to enter the 2018 NFL Draft, the offensive lineman found himself as a first round projection in advance of the combine. After a dismal performance inside Lucas Oil Stadium, the big man began to tumble in the across numerous mock drafts.

Hoping to alleviate some of the concerns, Brown began to prepare for the Oklahoma Sooners’ Pro Day. Finally reaching a point of stabilization, two camps began to form. On one hand, some think Brown should move inside at the professional level while others see him as more of a right tackle in the NFL. Regardless, this class lacks depth  at the offensive tackle position giving rise to a few names.


Clearly, Brown possesses elite size and arm length that many teams covet along the offensive line. Due to his sheer size, the offensive lineman is able to absorb most tactics employed through a bull rush. However, simple side stepping also helps in setting the edge to impede any would be pass rushers. Continuing to keep his hands active, Brown has been able to dismantle a would be defenders game plan in getting to the quarterback.


The size of Brown may come off as a strength but it also has a downside on the professional level. A high center of gravity allows defenders to gain leverage in the trenches. Personally, Brown lacks the foot speed and strength required to be an elite offensive lineman on the next level. These are the two most glaring issues for NFL executives when talking about Orlando Brown in draft circles.

Draft Prediction

Due to the poor combine results, it’s pretty clear that Brown will not be selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. Measurable tend to carry a ton of weight as NFL Franchises assume all of the risk in a draft pick. Where does that leave Brown? While it’s possible for the offensive lineman to slip inside the second round, it most likely leaves him on the outside looking in. At this point in time, expect Brown to hear his name called in the third round.

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