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Westbrook Suspended for Game 5 of the Playoffs?

Rich DeCray


On Monday evening, the game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Utah Jazz descended into chaos as frustrations ran high. Finally, those frustrations manifested in an altercation between Rudy Gobert and Raymond Felton following an unpleasant foul. The scrum resulted in two technical fouls issued to the aforementioned players. However, the NBA is now reviewing the scene that unfolded in the Game 4 loss. But why?

In review, it’s clear that Russell Westbrook emerges on the court, taking a swipe at Gobert as the two meet at mid-court. According to the rules, any player who leaves the bench area during an altercation receives a one-game suspension. Yet, it appears as though Westbrook may have discovered a gray area seeing as the reigning MVP was loitering near the scorer’s table.

The only question the remains unanswered is: was Westbrook motioned on to the floor by the officiating crew? Moving forward, the league will talk with the referees in attendance, to gain perspective on the matter. Depending on the evidence alongside the word of the officials, Westbrook could be suspended for a potentially decisive Game 5 in Oklahoma City.

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