Baltimore Selects Mark Andrews In 3rd Round

The Baltimore Ravens like keeping things in the family. Three picks after selecting Orlando Brown to play in the same city as his father they took Brown’s college teammate Mark Andrews.

At 6-5/256, Andrews has a great frame for an NFL tight end. He also possesses good speed and hands. He’s the second tight end selected by the Ravens, joining Hayden Hurst from South Carolina.

Andrews excels in finding soft spots in zone defenses and has long strides when running with the ball in his hands. His athleticism also allows him to flex out as a receiver to use his size as a mismatch against defensive backs. On the line his speed creates a mismatch for linebackers.

Baltimore’s passing attack was ranked 29th in the NFL last season and the Ravens lost tight end Ben Watson to the New Orleans Saints as a free agent. Andrews was the third Oklahoma player taken in this weekend’s draft, joining Baker Mayfield and Orlando Brown.

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