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Baker Mayfield Is Going To Have 33 Million Reasons To Like Living In Ohio

M. Hofeld


Less than 24 hours after being selected as the top overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft former Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield arrived in Cleveland. It wasn’t too long after that before he was questioned about the most famous thing he’s ever done in the Buckeye State…planting the Oklahoma flag at midfield of Ohio Stadium.

The best part about the entire question and answer was that Mayfield was seated next to former Ohio State corner and new teammate Denzel Ward.

“Yeah, like he said, we got him the year before,” Ward said when asked about it. “So he got us back, though, with the flag.”

In addition to wearing the color orange, Baker’s going to have to get used to fans in the Dawg Pound and learn to love a fan base that not too long ago hated him. He’s going to make $33 million dollars while doing so next year though. Something tells me that he’ll manage just fine.

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