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Oklahoma Sooners | January 15, 2019

Deion Sanders Weighs In On Kyler Murray’s NFL/MLB Decision

Hearing the news, others continue to weigh in although both options remain open. One such statement came from a high profile name, Deion Sanders, who possesses experience in both the NFL and MLB. Speaking with ESPN, the former two sport pro said, “If I was in his shoes, I’m picking up the baseball bat, and I’m not looking back. … That’s just for me. Sometimes, I still have regret that I didn’t give it more.”


Oklahoma Sooners | December 13, 2018

Kyler Murray’s Flirting With The NFL Is Still Going Strong

The ninth overall pick in last summer’s MLB Draft, Murray agreed to a $4.66 million dollar contract to become the A’s next up-and-comer. That didn’t stop Murray from taking a flyer at playing college football and, as it turns out, he was pretty good at it.

Oklahoma Sooners | December 7, 2018

Kyler Murray | “I’d Like To Do Both” Football & Baseball At Pro Level

After deflecting all season long, there appears to be a new comment in the arsenal of Kyler Murray concerning the future. Continuously facing questions from analysts, the Oklahoma Sooners quarterback constantly shot down any rumors of a future in football. On Friday, the junior told Andy Staples that he’d like to play both football and baseball at the professional level.

Oklahoma Sooners | April 27, 2018

Baker Mayfield Is Going To Have 33 Million Reasons To Like Living In Ohio

Less than 24 hours after being selected as the top overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft former Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield arrived in Cleveland. It wasn’t too long after that before he was questioned about the most famous thing he’s ever done in the Buckeye State…planting the Oklahoma flag at midfield of Ohio Stadium.

Oklahoma City Thunder | April 25, 2018

Sooner Nation Podcast | Talking NBA Playoffs, Baseball, Softball, & NFL Draft

Rich and Matt are back to talk Oklahoma sports. On tap for this episode is Oklahoma City’s disastrous performance and Russell Westbrook’s epic meltdown in Game 4. There’s going to be some fallout from the Thunder’s tanking in the playoffs so we visit those possibilities as well. Hint: It’s not all on Billy Donovan.

Oklahoma State Cowboys | April 23, 2018

2018 NFL Draft Prediction | Quarterback Mason Rudolph

Since the spring, Rudolph has seen his draft stock rise to the point where some have him predicted going as high as late first round. In a draft that is stocked with quarterbacks, that’s an impressive rise.

Oklahoma Sooners | April 22, 2018

2018 NFL Draft Prediction | Quarterback Baker Mayfield

Mayfield always plays with a chip on his shoulder but he’s able to keep control and not play loose. Even though he has a small frame he plays with tenacity and has a toughness than many QBs don’t have.