Oklahoma Sooners Head To Tallahassee For NCAA Tournament

Throughout the duration of the season, the Oklahoma Sooner experienced their fare share of ups and downs. Posting a 36-23 overall record, most expected OU to return to the NCAA Tournament once again. Unsure of the first stop, Skip Johnson and his ballclub sat in the locker room on Memorial Day awaiting the announcement.

It’s official, the Sooners are headed to Tallahassee, Florida to compete in Regional play of the NCAA Tournament. With 64 teams included in the tournament, all programs are focused on a trip to Omaha. In order to get there, these hopefuls must overcome hurdles and avoid any pitfalls. For Skip Johnson and the Sooners, the first such hurdle is an Southeastern Conference opponent.

Earning the No. 2 seed in the regional, Mississippi State is one of then programs from the SEC making an appearance in the NCAA Tournament. The No. 3 seed Sooners square off with the Bulldogs kicking off the Regional at 11 AM CT on Friday. The winner will likely play the Florida State Seminoles and the loser, Samford which earned an automatic bid.

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