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Oklahoma Sooners | May 16, 2021

Oklahoma Softball Deserves The Top Overall Seed And Here’s Why

OU did everything we expected them to do at the conference tournament and in doing so validated our argument for earning the top overall seed. With that said, Patty Gasso would be just fine with her team not being the top overall seed because that would give her the opportunity to play the disrespected card and allow the Sooners to hit the postseason with a chip on their shoulder.

Oklahoma Sooners | March 14, 2019

NCAA Bracketology | Oklahoma Sooners Project As No. 10 Seed

The Sooners entered the Big 12 Conference Tournament holding the opportunity to all but clinch a spot in the big dance. With a single win in the post season, Oklahoma’s chance of claiming a NCAA Tournament bid skyrocketed to 98%. On the other end of the spectrum, a loss effectively dropped that percentage to just 56% — a drastic difference! Facing the No. 10 Seeded West Virginia Mountaineers, the game remained a winnable contest from start to finish.