Texas Linebacker Tags Kyler Murray In Post Of Illegal Hit

Editor’s Note: Hager’s post has been taken down from Instagram but below is a video of the play he posted. 

It’s really hard to get inside the mind of a Texas football player. I mean, seriously, that’s a slippery slope that few would dare to go down. That’s why an Instagram post by Longhorns’ defensive end Breckyn Hager makes little sense to anyone not viewing through burnt orange glasses.

On Friday the Texas defensive end tagged Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray in a post of him making an illegal hit on West Virginia quarterback Chris Chugunov.

Now Texas fan is going to say, “WooHoo, he lit that Mountaineer QB up!!” (try to read that with the voice of Jeff Foxworthy) but Oklahoma fans are going to say, “Dude, you just posted a video of a hit that got you ejected from a game.”

The follow-up question here is, “Breckyn, are you planning on getting ejected when you play against Kyler Murray?”

Perhaps the Austin, Texas native has some sort of relationship with Murray dating back to their Lone Star State prep days. Perhaps he just wanted to show his burnt orange teammates what a failed attempt at trash talk looks like.

Like I said, we don’t really know what goes on inside the mind of a Longhorn. What we do know is that October 6th can’t get here soon enough.

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  1. I love when guys add more to the rivalry. Can’t wait for October to come around!

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