Oklahoma Sooners Board of Regents Approves $22M Softball Facility

The Oklahoma Sooners built a dynasty on the softball field behind the direction of Head Coach Patty Gasso. Consistently bringing in fans, the university’s was forced to bring in temporary bleachers to accommodate the crowds. Soon after the Board of Regents began to take notice as renovations were scheduled. However, the master plan took a large twist on Tuesday morning.

Meeting to vote on proposed items, the Board approved the construction of a new $22M softball facility. The current proposal moves the stadium a half mile south of it’s current location to the northwest corner of Jenkins and Imhoff. While it’s not the furthest distance to travel, it provides a change of scenery for all surrounding the program and brings it closer to the rest of the athletic facilities — minus the football stadium.

When asked about the approved proposal, Vice President and Athletic Director Joe Castiglione said, “We have spent a considerable amount of effort reviewing this project and working to achieve the best possible result. We determined that this was the best route to take in developing a facility that not only rates among the best in the nation, but fits with our other athletics sites located in the same vicinity.”

Recognizing the opportunity, Patty Gasso seems elated to have facility that not only helps in recruiting but also in serving the fans. Yet, a timeline has not been determined for the completion of the project.

If you’d like to contribute to the funding of the project, head over to SoonerSports.com and scroll to the bottom of the page.

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