Sooner Nation Podcast | The NBA Draft Edition

The NBA Draft is scheduled to take place on Tuesday evening with a handful of hopefuls in attendance to hear their names called. One such prospect is none other than the former Oklahoma Sooner, Trae Young. An intriguing prospect, we dive into the strengths and weaknesses of the point guard while making predictions on the draft order. Of course the situation remains fluid as NBA Franchises look at the free agency picture as well.

Yet, the Oklahoma City Thunder are unable to make any big moves in the draft without a first round pick. Does it affect that future of the team? Maybe the bigger question here is: what would it take for LeBron James to join forces with Russell Westbrook in a small market?

Moving right along, we switch over to the collegiate side of sports with a look at the Oklahoma Sooners upcoming football season. Who are the players no one is talking about that will have a big impact this year? Also we make several bold predictions well in advance of players stepping onto the gridiron.

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