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CBS Labels 4 Oklahoma Sooners As First Round 2019 NFL Draft Talent

Rich DeCray


Although the college football season has yet to begin, fans across the country continue to size up the competition. Consistently replenishing the talent pool, the Oklahoma Sooners remain full to the brim on the offensive side of the ball. One tell-tale sign of the fact is CBS’s look at the 2019 NFL Draft.

As it currently stands the network identified four players on the Sooners’ roster with first round talent. Of course, much of the talk centers around Rodney Anderson. Many folks surrounding the program expect Oklahoma to feature the running back during the upcoming season. Looking to build upon an impressive eight game run, Anderson has the tools to carry the offensive load. It’s largely the reason many NFL scouts will take a look at the back as a first rounder. However, none of it is possible without the maulers up front.

Bobby Evans received the same first round grade from CBS due to his size and power on the offensive line. Possessing the ability to wreak havoc, creating holes for the running backs, Evans also showcased an elite level of pass protection. It should all come together for the tackle and propel him into the NFL.

Joining in on the fun, Ben Powers ability to move sideline to sideline remains impeccable. Displaying the skills necessary to be successful on the next level combined with prototypical size put a ton of eyes on this talent. There are certainly areas to improve upon but, the NFL puts a premium on offensive lineman like Powers.

Last but certainly not list, Marquise Brown gained quite the reputation during the previous campaign. Able to outpace any defender in conjunction with crisp route running make Brown a dangerous threat as a wide receiver. A franchise will take a chance on this type of talent assuming the wideout posts a sub 4.40 40-yard-dash time — which he’s very capable of at the moment.

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