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Center Has Been The Most Competitive Position Battle In Oklahoma Football Camp

M. Hofeld


Oklahoma quarterbacks Kyler Murray and Austin Kendall are in a dead heat in the competition for the starting quarterback. Earlier in the week head coach Lincoln Riley stated that there had been no separation between the two, indicating that it’s a battle that could take us all the way to game week.

As good as the competition is between the two signal callers, that hasn’t been the best position battle of camp. According to Riley, that label goes to the center position where senior Jonathan Alvarez and redshirt freshman Creed Humphrey are pushing each other for the starting job.

“That’s the best competition out there,” Riley said. “Man, they’re two really good players. It’s, it’s gonna be tough. That one’s gonna be tough, because they’re both two talented enough, they’re both skilled, enough. You’ve got two players, where Creed Humphrey is probably the most talented of the group, and obviously Alavarez is the most experienced, having played all the games that he has and all the snaps he’s had around here. So it’s a pretty interesting dynamic.”

There’s a lot to be said about Riley proclaiming Humphrey as the most talented. His talent level is why I picked him to win the job when I wrote the position battle preview, but the experience of Alvarez seems to be winning the day right now.

If you read between the lines of Riley’s comments. It appears that Humphrey’s edge is his brute strength while Alvarez’s is his knowledge of the game and schemes. According to Riley, both have work hard to bridge the gap between their own weaknesses and the other’s strength.

“But you can tell each one has worked hard on their weaknesses, or weaknesses within this competition,” Riley said. “Alvarez has really transformed his body. Physically, he is in the best shape he’s ever been in. And then Creed has really done a ton of work mentally and made up a lot of ground there. The good thing is right now you don’t see a big difference. We tend to move it pretty decent with both of ‘em in there. They’re doing a good job snapping, a good job calling it. It’s a heck of a battle.”


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