Baker Mayfield Plants Flag At Nissan Heisman House

Baker Mayfield is back at it again with the…

During the 2018 Heisman race one player ruffled the feathers of opposing fanbases more than any other. Of course, it was none other than Baker Mayfield, the quarterback and unquestionable leader of the Oklahoma Sooners. Labeled as a ‘pretender’ the signal caller alongside the rest of the program set out to prove the talking heads wrong. Needless to say, the biggest opportunity to do just that came during the second week of the season.

Oklahoma traveled to Colombus, Ohio looking to make a statement with a win over the Ohio State Buckeyes in ‘the Shoe.’ Taking control of the contest during the third quarter and sealing the deal in the fourth, a celebration took place on the field. As Mayfield took a victory lap around the stadium, the quarterback turned to see a group of Sooners at the fifty yardline. Taking a direct path to the center of the playing field, the unthinkable happened.

One of the most memorable moments of Mayfield’s career, the rising star planted the OU flag in enemy territory. Claiming the piece of property as his own, people from around the country began to react.

Now, the Heisman House commercials — sponsored by Nissan — continue to allow the incident to live in infamy. Baker has officially planted the flag at the house! While the reference may be wasted on some, it’s an ode to diehard college fans everywhere.

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