Oklahoma Releases Depth Chart For Florida Atlantic

If you were hoping that by Oklahoma releasing the week one depth chart you’d learn who is starting at center, or weakside linebacker, or multiple other positions then you’re going to be disappointed. The word “or” appears eight times or the depth chart.

What we do know is that Bobby Evans and Cody Ford are going to start at the two tackle positions. We just don’t know which side they’ll be on. We also know that the chances of seeing Drake Stoops play are even greater than they were at the end of camp.

Possibly the biggest surprise on the depth chart comes at the weakside linebacker position where Curtis Bolton or Caleb Kelly is slated to start. Many thought that it was a given Kelly would start there.

As expected, Justin Broiles is the starter at strong safety and Brendan Radley-Hiles locked down the nickel spot. Kahlil Haughton edged out Robert Barnes in what was a tightly contested battle for the starting free safety position.

There’s two ways to look at lack of information in Oklahoma’s first depth chart. One, it’s just posturing by not releasing information before the season opener (FAU has yet to name their starting quarterback). Two, there are going to be a lot of guys getting playing time on Saturday because there position battles are still very close. Personally, I’m going with the second viewpoint.

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