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Baker Mayfield Leads Cleveland Browns To First Win In Over 600 Days

Rich DeCray


On Thursday night, the Cleveland Browns’ starter proved ineffective as Tyrod Taylor failed to complete a pass in his first six attempts. Finally breaking the trend, the athletic signal caller recorded a completion for two yards before suffering an injury. However, the damage was done as the New York Jets built a two score lead as Taylor headed toward the sideline late in the first half.

The unexpected concussion forced the Browns to insert the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft into game. Hoping to overcome the 14-3 deficit in the second half, the rookie’s presence clearly boosted the moral of the franchise and the fans. Making his debut, the quarterback quickly completed several passes as the offense showed a bit of life.

Leading the charge down the field, Mayfield completed the longest play of the game — a 29-yard pass to Jarvis Landry. Punching it in after settling for two field goals earlier in the contest, Carlos Hyde crossed the goal line. The score left the coaching staff with a decision to make. Opting for a two-point try, the crowd went wild.

Initially failing, offsetting penalties allowed Cleveland a second attempt to tie the game. Utilizing a direct snap, Landry took the reverse and lobbed it toward the endzone. Lo and behold, it was number six standing under the ball without a defender in sight. Securing the catch, Mayfield’s first score of his NFL career came on a reception instead of a toss.

Slinging the ball around a bit more, the rookie led the Browns to their first win in over 600 days. Completing 17-of-23 attempts for 201 yards, it’s hard to see how the franchise opts for another quarterback after the performance on Thursday. Welcome to a new era!


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