Colin Cowherd’s Argument Against Baker Mayfield Isn’t Based On Logic Or Stats

I’m a fan of Colin Cowherd. I have been for a long time. He’s got pretty much the perfect radio voice and speaks my native language of sarcasm. That said, his beef with former Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield needs to come to an end.

Cowherd labeled Mayfield “undraftable” because of some of the antics he pulled in college. Most notably his off-season arrest, the flag plant at Ohio State, and the crotch grab against Kansas.

The problem is that he looked at Mayfield’s emotion and not his play when he applied the label. Not only was the Heisman winner draftable, he went #1 overall to the Cleveland Browns. What was obvious to NFL execs, scouts, and Joe Fan was completely over Cowherd’s head because he made the same mistake that he had been judging Baker Mayfield for, he’s acted out of emotion.

It was the emotion of the moment that led to the flag plant, and the same can be said of the Kansas game as well. It’s just not logical to think that Mayfield hasn’t made a difference on this Cleveland team. His teammates believe in him, a long-suffering fan-base believes in him, just about everyone believes in him except for Cowherd.

In failing to admit that he was wrong, the radio host took his pride to another level in saying that Mayfield is the benefactor of playing on a roster that is “stacked” with talent. We’re still talking about the Cleveland Browns right?

There wasn’t much that was changing with this team until #6 took the field against the Jets. In that game, Mayfield turned a 14-0 deficit into a 21-17 win and Mayfield-Mania was born. That win came at the expense of Cowherd’s Golden Child, Sam Darnold who was clearly outplayed by Mayfield.

Yet, Cowherd doesn’t want to compare Darnold to Mayfield. Not because the former USC Trojan isn’t performing to the same level as Mayfield but more so because that’s not his base for the argument.

Heaping praise on the guys who completes 55.7% of his passes while criticizing the guy completing 58.9% of his passes isn’t an issue based on stats. Had it been then Cowherd would have also mentioned that the Browns are #5 in the NFL in dropped passes and are only separated from numbers 1-4 by just one less drop.

You see, this isn’t about performance and numbers with Cowherd. It’s about failing to admit you were wrong just because you don’t like the guy. That’s what it boils down and nothing else. That’s also the best way to lose credibility in the world of media. Which is exactly where Colin Cowherd is finding himself right now.

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