Countdown To Tip-Off | 3 Days

The Houston Rockets will head to Oklahoma City on Thursday, November 8th, to play what is sure to be an entertaining game.

The matchup between Oklahoma City and Houston has been interesting for quite some time now. First, you had James Harden joining the Rockets to heat things up. Secondly, there was the whole Patrick Beverly incident where Russell Westbrook was injured.

When you consider how competitive this series has been over the last few years, it just adds fuel to the fire of this rivalry. Now, there has been another element added. This will be Carmelo Anthony’s first time back to OKC since joining Houston.

I do not think that this will add anything to the animosity that these two teams have towards each other, but it will surely add to the competitiveness of this matchup. Russell Westbrook and Paul George have nothing bad to say about Carmelo Anthony, but there’s no doubt all three of those guys will be showing up to play that night.

I expect the Chesapeake Energy Arena to cheer for Anthony during introductions. It’s the right thing to do. The guy had nothing but good things to say about Oklahoma City and the Thunder organization, it just simply didn’t work out. In my opinion, he deserves to be cheered. What do you expect to be the response of the OKC crowd in November?

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