Oklahoma Sooners No. 7 In Initial CFP Rankings

The College Football Playoff Rankings officially released on Tuesday evening featuring a handful of familiar faces. Currently, Alabama sits at the top of the pecking order which should come as no surprise. As one of four remaining undefeated teams, the Crimson Tide continuously separate themselves from the competition.

Following suit, the Clemson Tigers found success behind a freshman quarterback. Riding the momentum of a divisive decision enacted by the coaching staff, the program appears to be rallying around the new talent. The odds on favorite to win the ACC once again, Clemson hopes to challenge for the national title.

From that point on, the waters get a bit muddy as the selection committee opted for a one loss LSU team over the undefeated Fighting Irish. Regardless, the objective is to find a seat at a table set for four.

On the outside looking in, the Oklahoma Sooners currently come in at the No. 7 position. Fear not though as this is a familiar spot for the program in the initial CFP Rankings. In 2015, the team led by Baker Mayfield earned a spot just inside the top fifteen before earning a spot in the playoff. Again in 2017, Oklahoma remained outside of the initial top four before being included.

The season is far from over as conference champions have yet to be crowned. It’ll be an all out fight on the field as each hopeful competes for that spot at the table.

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